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huge markets

China is the world's largest furniture production base,after developing more than 20 years,and now is entering a climbing stage of high quality furniture,As the indispensable raw material of high quality furniture,high-quality wood glue is promising.

steady demand

Wood glue is indispensable re-use consumer goods for Woodwork industry,with monthly regular purchase. Once invest,you can make a profit long-term.

Not easy to copy

The industry has a high level threshold for core technology,not easy to copy,especially for the company with core patented techniques

Healthy and Eco-friendly

People have raised their demands for healthy living,even have a harsh requirement for the quality and environmental protection of household supplies. Only products with healthy,eco-friendly,high-quality,can lead the future market.

  • Good brand,decade sword,reliable

    Brand accumulation for 12 years,no complaints, gets more than 10000 furniture brands recognition. Initiate the conception of scientific using of glue, generalize the glue's high-efficiency using methods.
  • Good products,ingenuity,occupy the forefront of technology

    Stick to the distinctive line: the lead brand of China special eco-friendly glue. Fushen have a number of independent research and development Patented technology,moreover,with a team of top research and development engineer in China.
  • Exclusive dealership,area protection,outshine others.

    Exclusive distribution policy,maintain the rights and interests of dealers. Continuous development,reach the strategic cooperation for a long time
  • High profits,large spaces,continuous and steady earnings

    Fushen has many years of practice,one year invest,two years quadruple,after then,profits continue to grow steadily
  • Less fixed investment,low expense/low cost/recyclable

    Start-up capital about 200,000-500,000;Liquid capital about 100,000-500,000(It depends on the volume of business)
  • Earnings for long, a potential brand,repeated consumption

    Glue is a necessity for furniture factory and door factory, repeated consumption,with monthly regular purchase, earnings for long.Professional research and development ability, occupy the forefront of technology,lead industry dynamics

Join supports

Help you invest and manage easily

  • Promotional materials
    Has a standard and perfect product promotion model, from decoration to brand image, opening activities, product display, network promotion, etc., have a professional planning team well-designed
  • Product Development
    The company pays great attention to the advantages and competitiveness of products, has the first-class technical engineers in the field, continuously develops and develops, and continuously provides the profit growth for the dealers, and be
  • Professional team
    With professional team, from the technical, marketing, promotion, after-sale professional guidance team, professional solutions to various industry problems, enhance the brand market competitive advantage. Force expansion end market.

dealers mien

Countrywide talents come to Fushen

Franchise condition

Highly unified standards

Franchise process